Monday, April 6, 2009

OpenVistaCIS Release Candidate 1.

Medsphere's OpenVistaCIS development team is happy and proud to announce OpenVistaCIS 1.0 Release Candidate 1.

Countless hours were spent to make this release happen by my team members Albert Gnandt, Andy Pardue, Bill Gibbons, Jon Tai, Peter Johanson, and our previous team members and friends Anthony Taranto, Brad Taylor, and Cody Russell, also kudos to our QA department's members Evangeline Nunez, Janet Michaels, Karthick Krishnan, Karuna Dantuluri, Kristina Borja, and Lynne Mundi; our documentation writer Kathy Steele; and project manager Fay Struble.

Some of the highlights for this release are:

* Print support for the Graph widget.
* Medical Reconciliation support.
* Deprecation and removal of the Bridge.
* and gazillions of bug fixes.

Release notes.


For those users running the Windows operating system, make sure you use the latest Gtk# installer.

Besides OpenVistaCIS, Medsphere is also releasing OVID (OpenVista Interface Domain). The OVID layer is a set of development tools designed to enable software developers easier access to OpenVista data. If you've ever wanted to call an OpenVista RPC from java, then this tool would be of interest to you.